Basic Terminology

Morphology: a field of study in which people study how a word is formed and how it connects with other words!


Coarse-grained vs fine-grained: Coarse-grained tags are more discrete and general whereas fine-grained are more specific.

Common sense reasoning: It is an intuitive understanding of the world and how it works (e.g., the president didn’t want to show the riot → this is true because it is dangerous for his position.)

Transduction Model A model that transduces the input and turns it into the output. (converts it - e.g., the energy of body is transduced into nervous signals in the brain.)

Label Smoothing Spreading noise in the output, because teaching a certain sequence of words with specific probability of happening is dangerous.

Deterministic Not conditional - based on determined facts.

Evaluation Methods



Sequential models - starting - 2014

Semi-supervised models

Models with attention and pretraining

Attention - 2016