SWAG MASHA is a partner of Mail.Ru Group (MY.GAMES) and a resident of Belarus Hi-Tech Park (HTP). We develop and release our own games. Love Sick – our debut title in the interactive stories genre – has reached over 21 million installs across the world within a year.

Company homepage**:** https://swagmasha.org/

Links to download Love Sick: Interactive Stories:

What we offer

Selected writers will be paired with an in-house editor and will be responsible for writing novels based on a detailed outline provided by us. The author's compensation for a novel is $4-6K USD, paid in installments according to the milestone plan (including an advance payment to start writing). This is ghostwriting, we do not use the authors' names in the app, but you are free to reference the work in your portfolio. Please note that at the time we are not looking to license original books, but focused on creating exclusive content for our app.

How to apply

Talented romance authors with strong dialog writing skills are most welcome to try out for our writing team. As the first step, we offer a test assignment to help us assess your skills with the branching narrative. It would also serve as a good example of the kind of content you'd be working on.

<aside> 📢 Please note only submissions from native English writers will be evaluated.


Test assignment and reference materials

Interactive Test Assignment Updated.docx

Interactive_Intimacy Scene - Examples.docx

Please return the completed test assignment in DOC or PDF format to elena.khudenko@swagmasha.org with the email subject line: Your Full Name - Romance Writer Test Sample along with your CV or portfolio (in case we haven't communicated before). Please mention the website or online community where you've spotted our advertising.

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