I enjoy exploring communications dynamics between humans, organizations and nation states.

I focus on providing seamless communications between web3 ecosystems and the rest of the Internet and help founding members of the new internet creatively coordinate with each other, combining our visions+projects and sharing resources.

Since 2020 I dived into development of the narrative for the future humanity from the perspective of the year 2030, which helps us see greater potential and agree on the most effective ways to build a sovereign, decentralized, technologically advanced and spiritually aligned society.

I do not use my last name since 2018 as a form of staying semi-anon in the web3 community and move forward from my fashion tech leadership persona I developed in my earlier career years.

AI in my name means Ancient Intelligence, which is an identity layer I imprinted on my digital avatar that acts as a reflection of non-linear ways of communications we are collectively developing as humanity.

Currently Involved in Full Time / Full Project Ownership:

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