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And here's a word or two from past clients:

Bailey Kursar, CEO @ Touco

"I did Corissa's customer messaging workshop while working on the brand identity of the app I was building. I found it really valuable to spend time going over who the customer is, what they do and what they want.

I know that having an outside expert perspective is important when designing messaging, since it's so easy to get caught not seeing the wood for the trees when you're in charge of a project. It was fun to think about it in a creative way, and to really dig into the 'why' behind Touco. Worth noting it's a long session that will make you think!

The framework that followed on from the session covered a lot of important things like call to action, benefits and trust credentials and brought them all together really well. I came away from the experience thinking up taglines and messages, and we were able to create a clear landing page for our product and continued to develop the messaging from there over the next year. Super helpful. There's no use having a great product if people don't get why it'll work well for them and new users can’t get excited about using it.”

Luke Appleby, Co-Founder @ Kontor

"As a profitable business, things were going well, but our sales teams were flat out. Great in theory but it felt like we were missing a trick. I'm a fan of the 80/20 principle and we wanted to be much more efficient and laser focused on the customers where we can really add value, rather than running around trying to help everyone and potentially failing. The problem was our content and marketing lacked focus (nor did it truly reflect our personality) so we decided to overhaul it and turned to Corissa!

Historically I thought we could just automate our way out of it with better processes upfront rather than handholding every lead that comes through (finding a company their next office is no small task! but then I would say that ;).

With Corissa’s help we realised that actually the opposite was true and that the handholding we do is where we deliver the most value to our happiest clients. It's the thing that underpins everything else. But we needed to only do it for the companies we’re a fit for. Through Corissa’s messaging strategy workshop and framework, we found a way to use comms and content to enable us to do more for our best customers and folks like them, and not so much for the other companies who may wish to go it alone or are better served elsewhere.

One key outcome was a new landing page that 2x’d the ratio of good leads to bad leads compared to the original. It also helps that Corissa's great fun to work with and the team really enjoyed the process too. Not to mention she's able to condense what would take us days, into minutes!"

Chris Samiullah, Founder @ CourseMaker

“Corissa led me through an incredible one-day workshop which turned a fuzzy thumb-nail understanding of my customer messaging into a high definition image. If you want to better understand your customers, know how to apply that knowledge to your copy, and have a real strategy when it comes to your messaging, Corissa is the first person you should call.”

Stephanie Wenban, Founder @ Pet Wellness Expert

“I had the pleasure of working with Corissa on several content projects over 8 months at the start-up, including a large ‘puppy learn’ blog series. She inspired laser clarity on projects by setting copy frameworks and used her vast technical knowledge to ask the right questions, challenge assumptions and guide teams to define their purpose and deliver messaging that works. I learnt a huge amount from Corissa’s astute ability to define and use words with such strategic intention.”

David Goldman, Head of Marketing @ mthree

“One of the many things I love about Corissa is she is accepting of the detail and the nuance but she’s never bogged down by it. And I love her no-nonsense approach.

She gets why good communications make good communications, and shoots for impact - not punnery, or stylistic pornography. She works hard, does as she says she’s going to do and is great interfacing with different business stakeholders - at mthree - this ranged from senior management to trainees coming into the Academy.

All in all, I love working with her - she made a great impact on my team and wider colleagues, and I look forward to the next opportunity I get to work with her again.”