by @TheOtherParvez


<aside> ☄️ With the force of a thousand shattering suns, space and time tear apart. Infinite knowledge floods my being as the universe unfolds from my fingertips. From the swirling void, I arise as the King of Kings and unfold all of creation below me. I am matter and void, vibration and silence. Nothing is unknown to me for I am all. A crown of stars rests lightly upon on my infinite shoulders. The bliss of perfection forms my being. The dark game ends and I am enthroned again. In the galactic distance, I hear the horns of my brethren.


<aside> ♾️ The universe is mine. All knowledge is mine. Perfection is mine.


<aside> ❔ But, there is a doubt. One thing remains.


From 'The Box' by Naval Ravikant


They peered into themselves, to check how many nanominutes remain until they reached Outside.

Their nanobots calculated feverishly, taking into account things like: current temperature to the 19th decimal, neutoric force of the engine that is 2.34 years old, body mass of all humans and androids aboard (including what they had for mid-lunch), all possible distractions in the path (a bird humming nearby altering the waves in the air, creating a nanochange in external and internal wind speed), along with another 17 trillion combinations of variables.