My name is Astra Mie West

Most people call me Mie, I'm okay with either Astra or Mie.

Mie is pronounced like "my" as in "those are my books" or "have you met my friend, Mie?"

<aside> 🥧 Easy way to remember: Mie like pie.


My pronouns are they/them and she/her

This means I'm okay with either in all situations. You can use both or just one.

Not sure which to use? Use they/them, it's what I prefer!


Mie went to the park.

I went with them.

Mie brought their frisbee.

They are learning to throw.

They are enjoying themself.


Mie went to the park.

I went with her.

Mie brought her frisbee.

She is learning to throw.

She is enjoying herself.

I'm non-binary and transgender 🏳️‍🌈

My gender is not entirely male or female and I've known since I was young.

After meeting other transgender people as an adult, I started taking steps to transition.

If you knew me before I transitioned, nice to meet you for a second time! 🙋

Quick Questions

Words like Ms., ma'am, ladies, etc?

I prefer gender-neutral terms like Mx. West ("mix west"), person, enby, or enbies.

I'm not a woman, but I'm okay with feminine words like ma'am, miss, girl, or ladies.