We have a number of shared NPM accounts at PL that can be used to automate NPM package management. In particular, they are used to automate Publishing npm packages.

Each account is associated with an email address that belongs to a PL Google Group - NPM Service Account.

Account credentials, including password, 2FA token and NPM automation token are shared via PL 1Password Vault - NPM Service Accounts. Each npm service account should use a single NPM_TOKEN.



Organization Name Account Name Account Email
https://github.com/ipfs npm-service-account-ipfs npm-service-account+ipfs@protocol.ai
https://github.com/ipfs-shipyard npm-service-account-ipfs-shipyard npm-service-account+ipfs-shipyard@protocol.ai
http://github.com/ipld npm-service-account-ipld npm-service-account+ipld@protocol.ai
https://github.com/libp2p npm-service-account-libp2p npm-service-account+libp2p@protocol.ai
https://github.com/multiformats npm-service-account-multiformats npm-service-account+multiformats@protocol.ai
https://github.com/filecoin-shipyard npm-service-account-filecoin-shipyard npm-service-account+filecoin-shipyard@protocol.ai
https://github.com/filecoin-project npm-service-account-filecoin-project npm-service-account+filecoin-project@protocol.ai

Google Group Owners

1Password “NPM Service Account” Vault Owners


How to give NPM service account access to a NPM org?