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About NAY (Non-Alcoholic Yeast):

<aside> 🏃 Do you want to start making non-alcoholic beers?

Introducing NAY (Non-Alcoholic Yeast), the yeast for making delicious non-alcoholic beer! Whether you want a clean, refreshing lager or a fruitier, hoppier IPA, NAY will help you achieve the perfect results. With excellent flavour and performance in beers below 0.5% ABV, NAY is your new go-to yeast for alcohol-free brewing.

Scientifically, it is a strain of Hanseniaspora uvarum yeast we isolated from spontaneously-fermenting crabapples here in Guelph. NAY **is a maltose-negative yeast, meaning it does not ferment most of the sugars in wort. It is non-phenolic and non-diastatic.

Making non-alcoholic beers is getting easier, but there are still rules to follow. Check out our Blog Post and Instructions before you brew. This product is available to professional brewers only and must be pre-ordered.


Brewery testimonials

NAY was tested by a craft brewer in Ontario who is exploring the non-alcoholic trend. Here’s what they had to say:

Overall, I’d say the yeast did exactly what I wanted it to! Our goal was to start at a much lower Plato wort than would be typical so that the beer would finish drier and still ferment to 0.3-0.5% abv (finished at 0.32% abv), and that it did.

Our friends at Firehall Brewing in B.C. also tested out NAY! Check out their Press Release below:

Press Release - New Non-Alcoholic Beer Release for Science .pdf

Sid Ruhland at Firehall says:

The Fire Drill N.A.I.P.A. is refreshing and hoppy, with strong aromas of citrus fruit and evergreen from the hop varieties chosen. The wortiness is mild, and if anything lends a pleasant sweetness to balance the bitterness. I'm sure lager drinkers won't be fans of it, so it's a NAB suited for true craft beer enthusiasts.

Instructions and FAQ:

See our Instructions for Use page for more details!