Hello and welcome to NASA Token's Live Whitepaper. Here you will find a comprehensive document that is as transparent and honest as it can be that investigates, details and delves deeper into the various parts of the NASA organisation. This document will be updated and maintained regularly with the most current information available in order to ensure that members of the community are equipped with the right tools to make smart, informed investment decisions.


Last updated: August 11th, 2021

Table of Contents


Launched in June 2021, NASA or Not Another Shit Altcoin is a token deployed on the Binance Smart Chain network that utilizes the raw power of memes, transparency, innovation and pure fundamentals to facilitate its goal of becoming "The Dependable Memecoin".

NASA stands out because it has character, originality, tokenomics that prohibit rug pulls, an authentic community that wasn't built on the foundation of bots, and a team of amazing individuals with years of crypto experience between them.

NASA is a deflationary, reflective, self-sustaining DeFi token. This is made possible by NASA's 10% tax on all transactions structure, broken down as follows: