(Please take this advice as general in nature and choose what best works for you and your situation). N2x Important Performance Recommended Service Intervals:

N2x Preventative Maintenance Information:

Recommended N2x Oils - Recommended Oil Specifications are API SN/CF and Ester based Full Synthetic in either a 0W40, 5w40 or 10w40 depending on your climate. We recommend non BMW spec oil because it has been seen in most cases that 0W20 is too thin and can cause bearing damage, 0W30 or equivalent is fine, but we recommend a W40 oil as added protection to bearing surfaces. Whilst using the BMW Oil Spec LL-xx (such as LL-01, LL-14 etc). if you aren't going long periods between services and are using the car in a performance orientated manner the LL ratings aren't as important, and the API/SAE ratings would be more of a guideline we would suggest you follow. Although usually you will find oils in the fully synthetic category follow a vast majority of oil standards including a form of BMW's LL-xx specification. Below are some recommended Oil brands/products: