I did indeed experiment with jailbreaking my Original (1st generation) 8GB iPhone. I can’t remember if I waited until getting my iPhone 4 or not… But I really only explored the space because I happened upon a jailbroken iPhone OS theme that made one’s device look and sound (ish) like a PADD from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The end result was not worth the worry and was (as you might expect) very fucking broken.

I also installed an application that managed to capture video with the 1st gen iPhone’s 2MP front-facing camera (which never officially supported it.) Some example video files can be found deep within the Extratone YouTube channel’s private archive, but they are far too embarrassing in content to share, here. Yes, they did include relatively well-synced audio capture and yes, they were surprisingly intelligible.


Diving into the iOS community once again as I have for my iPhone 12 Pro Max Review, I have continued to be astonished at how many people continue to jailbreak their iOS devices. Obviously, my bias says I was justified in jailbreaking way back in 2011 because the platform was so much more limited, and that the capabilities that have been added to the operating system, since, make it no longer justified to keep jailbreaking, though I’m sure there are still legitimate reasons.