Curiosity, fascination, intrigue, and obsession has since birth always had the best of me. They’ve made me take what the world would consider radical decisions and literally change everything in my life to find out what lies within.

For as far back as I can remember, I’ve had one such deep-rooted obsession that made me question, time and again, everything about everything. Bizarre as it may sound to those who know me purely as a software entrepreneur, I’m innately excited and extremely amused by the nature of electrons. I’m fascinated by the fact that everything that we touch, hold, eat, drink, see (and sometimes don’t) and consume in anyway is actually made up of atoms. Atoms of elements that can continue to display a set of properties so long as the number of electrons that orbit their nucleus remain constant. Take one electron away and the properties change. The same happens if you induce another electron into the atomic structure. These atoms of elements that have lost or gained one or more such electrons are called IONs.

Sounds trivial, right?

What’s fascinating about this?

The time and space (path) between when an electron leaves an atom and before it merges into another can be artificially modeled such that these tiny electrons act as minions to their masters and work in any way that one chooses to apply them.

This is the basis not only of all electrical circuits but of all energy itself.

So much so that I have a theory/story that assumes all humans to be atoms in a given space exchanging electrons in the form of conversations, relationships, physical interactions etc. Based on with who and how many of these electrons we exchange, each of us lives life as a net positive or negative ION.

But this is not meant to be a philosophical post convincing you to believe my opinions. It’s meant to build a framework for you to accept in all of its technical and emotional integrity what I want to share with you.

The energy space has always been very close to my heart. Only now, I’ve found my place in it.

Still in-stealth, my new startup (ION Energy) will build a core layer of infrastructure to enable electric mobility and clean energy adoption in Asia with a focus on India.

This project is by far the most steep learning curve I’ve ever been on. Over the last 9 months I’ve submerged myself into understanding our world and it’s elements at a sub-atomic level. I now have a substantially better sense of how thermodynamics, electrochemistry and mutation of elements occur when they are put to work in high precision energy systems. Getting accustomed to the natural language (full of jargons) of the experts who work with me in itself is a herculean task. I’m still picking up on a few words everyday that I have to Google and then watch Youtube videos about. But I can from time to time contribute ideas with respect to dendrite formation, lithium plating, solid electrolyte interfaces impacting capacity fade etc.

This burst of new information has changed a lot about me. Just when my friends and family had become comfortable with my extended conversations about “software stuff” I’m now bombarding them with things I don’t expect them to know (even though I desperately wish everyone did). My friends think I’ve gone crazy. My girlfriend thinks she is cheating on me with a nerdy version of myself. But I love it!