My Story and Philosophy

I'm a thinker, entrepreneur, and father. I've been living on my own terms 15 years. That’s brought me success enough to “retire” and try things out. To keep busy and learning, I work on the projects below:

🎙 I podcast on topics related to being a more effective human in the modern world.

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💸 I’m pasionate about Bitcoin changing ithen world for the better: Bitcoin podcast


I don't like labels, though I'm starting to think I'm an "agorist," which is a free-market anarcho-captalist that believes in opting-out of the current system and engaging in "profitable civil disobedience."

I'm Nietzschean in my pursuit of the Overman.

I believe free markets are our best chance at a fair and equitable world.

Democracy is nothing but a parasite masquerading around as righteous endeavor.

Government is coercion through a monopoly on violence, and politics are a charade to prop it up by giving the masses an illusion of control.

I'm anti-politics.

I believe in freedom and human sovereignty and natural law.

I don't believe that the laws and governments created by others are moral or right or just or applicable to me.

My Philosophy on Government

Property rights must be the foundation of any just government.

If there should be any government at all, it should exist only to protect personal property rights, and everything beyond that scope is a violation of natural law and is thus unjust.