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My name is Ayooluwa Adekunle and I take delight in helping online businesses grow and reach their target audience. With copywriting, content marketing, technical writing, and SEO that works, I will help you achieve your goals by;

  1. Bringing your ideas to life and shape them in the best way possible in a written form
  2. Boosting your sales and growth thereby increasing traffic and usability of your products by using the right SEO keywords
  3. Simplifying complex ideas and increasing user readability by writing in a fun and easy-to-understand tone.

My experience across these major niches; E-Commerce, Tech, Finance, Real Estate, and Hospitality over the years has shaped and sharpened my writing skills to help small, medium, and large-scale businesses grow and thrive.

What I've done.

Here’s some of the awesome content work I’ve done previously:

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5 Simple Tax Mistakes Most Likely to Get You Audited.docx

Investment Opportunities - Rockbase Capital

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What I can do for you:

Technical Writing