Made on 12-2020 || LinkedIn

I made this manual to deconstruct how I operate optimally, build a stronger relationship with you, and help us collaborate efficiently.

👋🏼 Who I am

  1. Pronouns: he / his / him
  2. Born in Delhi, India. I moved to the US to join Georgia Tech for a master's degree.
  3. I am PM at Facebook driving growth for small business products. Previously I was at Yelp where I built the experimentation framework from the ground up (HBS Case, Webinar) and more recently worked on growing "request a quote".
  4. Outside of work, I am on a continuous pursuit of chai, beer, and productivity hacks. I love reading about product strategy and design.
  5. I am super extroverted and always down for coffee chats.

♥️ What I care about

  1. Supporting small businesses: Growing up in India I was surrounded by mom-and-pop stores. Witnessing their highs and lows got me extremely passionate about creating value for small businesses.
  2. Empowering teams to succeed: I will be a strong advocate for the team, remove blockers, and facilitate partnerships. My job is to help the team find direction and be productive.
  3. People first: I consider my community (professional and social) as my biggest asset and investing in people is my #1 priority.
  4. Feedback Feedback Feedback: More on this below...

☎️ Communication

  1. There is no such thing as over communication. When in doubt, include me in the communication, and I will do the same.
  2. Consistency in format and cadence goes a long way in building trust and helping us stay on the same page.