- Reading

I read a TON. I love to hear what others are reading, give recommendations when they ask. In the first couple days of knowing you I will probably recommend Einsteins Dreams by Alan Lightman.

- Rock Climbing

I have been climbing five years and have climbed 1500 feet in a single day. Teaching as many people to climb as possible along the way. Climbing altered the course of my life and taught me to push myself, learn for enjoyment, and dig deeper in many other aspects of life. As a direct result of climbing, I have brought an experimental mindset to everything I do.

- Mountain Biking

A sport I tried to avoid for years for being "dangerous". Then COVID came and I couldn't climb. As a beginner to mountain biking I rely heavily on my friends to teach me the ropes and it is extremely exciting to be a beginner again and have something completely new to learn about.

May 2021: In 12 months of owning my bike I have biked over 2000 miles!

August 2021: Completed Vapor Trail with friends for first bikepacking trip

- What am I currently curious about?

After taking a welding class during the summer and buying a Snapmaker 2.0 I am becoming much more interested in fabrication. As a result I am learning CAD, 3D Printing, CNC, and a host of other skills along the way.

August 2021: Starting a pottery class with my wife in September

- My Dogs