A single-player game in which you create and handle Pokémon-like creatures in a caring zoo. Inspired by Theme Park and Stardew Valley.

In My Grandparent's Weird Zoo, you're running a modern zoo: one which cares for endangered or sick animals and also provides education and entertainment for its human visitors. The animals of this zoo, however, are quite unusual...

<aside> ✉️ What is this, a letter just arrived? From good ol' [grandparent]...


<aside> 📜 WHAT? RETIRED?! And leaving me their zoo...


<aside> 🐶 I don't remember the last time I've been to [grandparent]'s zoo. It's kinda... weird. People used to love it, but that was many years ago... Now, no one really goes there any more.


<aside> 💕 Perhaps I can get it back on its feet? Maybe I can make the zoo into a cool attraction again!


<aside> 😓 But first I have to pay back the debts [grandparent] left me with...


Based on Menagerie of the Void, created as a Kickstarter stretch goal.

By Eran Aviram. Edited by Tanya Itkin. Many thanks to Dassi and Roi.

Licensed under CC BY 4.0, do what you want with it, just please tell me about it!

Getting Ready

Get a pack of blank index cards.

Get a deck of playing cards. Aces are “1”. If you ever run out of cards, shuffle the discards into a new deck. You can use an online card deck, like this one.

  1. Place nine index cards in a 3-by-3 grid. These are the blocks of your zoo, but it's not the limit. If you're asked to add blocks, they can spread outside of this original grid!
  2. Choose one of the outer blocks to be the entrance and draw a gate on its outer border. Visitors come into the zoo through here!
  3. Now create two exhibits (Create an Exhibit) and start the game!

How to Play

The weird animals in your zoo need to be taken care of and nurtured. If you work hard, you can make this zoo into the best in the country!

Your Exhibits

Each "exhibit" is some strange animal which you'll be creating. Each has the following features:

Create an Exhibit

Your Turn

Every passing day brings new opportunities and developments. How will you handle your zoo?

  1. Good Morning Everyone! You start each turn by walking around the zoo. Take one action.
  2. Something's Come Up. You are presented with a situation and need to decide how to handle it.
  3. Bring It In! If you have the room, you can bring in a new exhibit (Create an Exhibit).

Then a new turn begins, until you get 10 Reputation and win!