I'm a born-again Christian who loves Jesus, reads the Bible (English Standard Version is my favorite), and generally holds a Reformed Baptist theological view. My spiritual beliefs are driven by Scripture as much as consciously possible. While I hold certain pastors, writers, theologians, and their works in high regard, I believe all humans are flawed and influenced not only by God but by the prevailing notions of their generation and personal experiences.

I hold some unconventional views on a few things, but I tend to keep them to myself because I could very well be horribly wrong.

If you're not a Christian...

I'm grateful you're here! I recognize that your background and experience may have brought you to a different place than my own. If you're interested in Christianity, talk to me! However, if you would rather hear from someone smarter than me, I highly suggest one author and pastor in particular: Tim Keller. Why? Without sacrificing what I consider to be Biblical truth, he takes an intellectual approach to Christianity and treats non-believers as human equals (because you are).

Some recommended works: