#TribalQonf, this will stay special and memorable for me for a long time!

600 Testers across the globe, 2 days with awesome talks from 20 global speakers who are pioneers in the industry. What else can you think about when there is a stunning event happening online!!!!

Let me start with elaborating my journey with the The Test Tribe first.

I started as a member in TTT FB community group. Then got a chance to interact with Mahesh(Founder of TTT) and came to know that they were looking for volunteers. As I was really interested in, I could be one among the volunteers to support the event.

For me it was a journey of learning something new. I started as a member, then a volunteer and also an attendee for the huge conference.

It was well planned and organised by the Team(Ravi, Kunal, Ajay, Geosley, ...the list goes on). Since the beginning Mahesh was very clear on each persons's roles and responsibilities and the priorities to work on. I even asked him once, "Is this really the first Conference organised by TTT??"!!!! But, yeah it was the first Conference and he was like the Money Heist Professor 👨‍🏫 who had plan for each and every aspects of it. I liked his passion and the way he manages the community... he is really an inspiration for all who cares about testing community.

With the right motivation and determination we can do big things 😇

The Big Day

Yes!!! It was really a Celebration. All the speakers talked about testing with so much energy and passion which made the complex stuffs sounds lighter.

The event started with the introduction by Lalit, who did the hosting very well and it was his energy which drove the qonf amazingly.

1️⃣ The first session was by James Bach in which he shared about "Weaving Testing : Thread by Thread"

  1. He explained about Testability
  2. Bootstrap approach
  3. Testing in sessions and thread
  4. Models, sense making etc
  5. The talk was followed by some great explanations on Testing Stages by him(I would say it was a detailed anatomy)