I use the same 13" 2017 Macbook Pro both at home and when I travel, since I don't want the headache of splitting my stuff across multiple machines. My home setup looks like this...


My current desk setup as of August 2020

There are links to all the kit I mention at the bottom of this page.


I've used in Ikea Bekant corner desk since about 2014. It fits perfectly in the space I have and is large enough for non-computer stuff like modelling, painting and sketching.

In March 2021 I upgraded the base to their adjustable sit/stand version. It's awesome.

I generally sit when I'm doing focus work and stand for everything else, and I pretty much always stand for meetings. I tend to use it at four heights:

  1. Sitting -the right height for me to type with legs and forearms in the most ergonomic position. This is a bit lower than I had it before I got an adjustable base.
  2. Painting - a little higher, but still seated. Good for painting Warhammer miniatures or doing other non-computer stuff.
  3. Standing - The same ergonomic position for my forearms, keyboard and mouse but for when I'm standing.
  4. Presenting - A little bit higher than the normal standing position. I use this when I'm presenting, recording videos and the like. The extra height means I'm looking up ever so slightly which causes me to step back from the desk a little and use my whole body more. If I'm presenting slides I use a clicker so I don''t feel so tied to the desk.

I added a small sliding drawer to the bottom of the desk so I don't have to reach for pens/post-its when I'm standing up. Note: I'll cover cable management later.

I lower the desk before I go to sleep. My bed is next to my desk and there's something really horrible about waking up and looking at a massive tall desk with all my work stuff on it. This is somehow much less horrible if it's in a "sitting" position 🤷‍♂️


Sliding drawer