Dominic Sorenson is charming, ruggedly handsome, and totally out of your league. But when you blurt out that he's your new boyfriend to one-up the woman who stole your ex, you end up getting a lot more of Dominic than you bargained for! He's all too happy to play the part of boyfriend, but will he take this fake relationship further?

"My Backup Boyfriend" is an adaptation of the romance novel, "Her Backup Boyfriend" by Ashlee Mallory.

Players step into the shoes of the calm and collected Kate Matthews to tackle a difficult case, a home renovation, and a fake relationship that might just blossom into true love...

As a Narrative Designer/Story Editor for Chapters: Interactive Stories, I adapted traditionally published romance stories and redesign them into an interactive fiction story. I reviewed and collaborated with my writers on each of their scripts, playtested my book on both the test server and the live server, wrote copy and other promotional material, and analyzed the data and retention for each story we publish.

While working at Crazy Maple Studio, I learned how to create an interactive narrative experience, craft branching and dovetailing dialogue options, and tailor my style of creative writing toward a drama-loving audience.

I worked on the following projects: Second Chances, First Bite, Inject Me Sweetly, The Resurrected Prince, Coral and Bone, Co-Ed, The Playboy’s Proposal, My Backup Boyfriend, Tomboy

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