<aside> 📹 Hi, I'm Marie Poulin, a frequent Zoomer and avid YouTuber! While I am not an audio/visual professional, I have learned a lot over the years as I have slowly upgraded my tech + equipment, and I know how long it has taken to figure it all out! This is a summary of some of my learnings and recommendations as you get comfortable with your audio/visual/computer setup.



Video / Camera

<aside> 💸 STARTER


Use your smart phone!

Download EpocCam from Kinoni for $10 to use your phone as a webcam or video input for livestreams or zoom calls. This is a great option if you already have an iphone and don't want to invest in a new camera.

<aside> 💰 UPGRADE


I purchased:

Once you've installed the Cam Link software, you can use your camera as an input source on almost any software you'd normally use a webcam (Skype, Zoom, etc). I had NO idea what the heck a Cam Link was before embarking on this journey, but it essentially "converts" the camera feed into an HDMI feed so you can use it like a webcam.