This NDA will be used as a measure to maintain the sharing of private information in our group. The agreement will apply to:


i. The sprinters team [whose registered office is 7 Bell Yard, London, England, WC2A 2JR]

ii. And all members, mentors, experts and guests of the sprinters Premium Community.

Both parties to this Agreement is referred to as ‘the Member’.

1. Protection of Confidential Information

Members may have access to proprietary and confidential information from other Members found in the sprinters Premium Community. Any confidential information shared must be kept strictly confidential amongst all Members in this agreement.

1.1 As Members, we have a critical responsibility is to maintain the trust placed with the Members by all other Members. Confidential information, whether obtained from Members must be safeguarded. Confidentiality is important regardless of the form the information takes, whether oral, in print, on electronic media or any other form.

1.2 The parties to this Agreement intends to disclose information (the Confidential Information) to the members.

1.3 The Members undertakes not to use the Confidential Information disclosed by the other Members for any purpose, without first obtaining the written agreement of the other Member.