Lapsed guitarist, retired music blogger, hoarder of CDs... music has been a big part of my life since forever. A tiny slice of that here.


I've been making mixtapes for at least 25 years. I come from the Rob Gordon school of mixtape making. These ones are the traces of my former life as a music blogger. (They exist all over the internet in different forms but these links below are for Spotify). I make them every few months, mostly from new acts I'm excited about, with a slight smattering of great stuff from more established artists. Presented here in more-or-less reverse chronological order.

The Frivolous Now


Feral Fire

This Is Not An Illusion

Default Mode Network

The Great Disquiet

Danger Zone

The First Flares of a False Dawn

Teutonic Shift

A Republic of Voice

The Dunning-Kruger Effect

I Am A Camera


So It Goes

Frango Morango

Total Beach Syndrome

Future Echoes

Under Suspicion

Infinity Lines