Two passions have been following me since I was a kid:

<aside> <img src="" alt="" width="40px" /> As an immigrant kid growing up in Oslo, Norway, hip-hop culture spoke to me. The culture united many first-generation kids that initially felt like outsiders in a culture very different from where their families came from.

I remember living two separate lives; one life at home and another life outside.

Clifford Smith, Albert Johnson, and Andre Benjamin were my heroes, and I never looked back.


One thing about 90’s rap is that it hasn’t made me think that it was “the golden era”.

It was a catalyst that continued the exploration of the genre and opened the doors to discovering rule-bending artists like Missy/Timbaland, OutKast, and A Tribe Called Quest – it was clear that rap music was whatever you wanted it to be.

Eventually I ventured into rapping and producing myself (in Norwegian) and starting a label – my first hustle – at 18 years old.

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