A Brief History of My Career In Music

My first piece of gear was the iconic SP-404 which lead me into the realm of sampling and making instrumental hip hop beats. In the mid-late 2000's under the moniker Headspace, I released a bunch of beat tapes with a heavy jazz influence, the most notable of which being "Salmagundi" in 2011 where I collaborated with a number of different jazz instrumentalists

Earlier on I started a small net label called Jellyfish Recordings to release my own music and other artists from Vancouver and around Canada. We focused mainly on instrumental music with some rap and hip hop. This grew a small international following which in the early 2010's merged with a number of other crews in my city to become the collective known as Chapel Sound.

Me doing a live PA audio visual performance

Me doing a live PA audio visual performance

Chapel Sound circa 2017

Chapel Sound circa 2017

Around 2012 I started releasing music using my birth name and began to lean more in the electronic direction and away from hip hop, exploring different forms of music. In 2014 I was invited to the Canadian regional manifestation fo the Red Bull Music Academy for BassCamp 2014 in Montreal.

Throughout all this I have remained passionate about hardware instruments and how their design impacts how people make music. The thing that drove me further in the direction of design was exploring interactive sonic environments and instrument design.


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