I'm passionate about combining creativity and organization to create problem solutions.

I started my career studying Information Systems and working with roles as Systems Analysis and IT Business Analysis. I did my post-graduation in Business Administration and nowadays I'm studying Product Design (Aela bootcamp), UI Design (UIBoost) and also English conversation.

I also worked for 4 years in a volunteer club (Rotaract) creating and developing projects by social purposes in the city of Limeira-SP.

I'm very curious about to know new places, new experiences and to know about different cultures. This curiosity has already led me to make an exchange to Canadá and a backpacking trip to Peru.

Canadá - 2017

Canadá - 2017

Peru - 2019 - Mountain Trekking

Peru - 2019 - Mountain Trekking

Side project

I'm a drummer! 🥁



I play drums in two bands and to create songs for me it's very similar to some parts of a UX project, because when I'm creating a drum beat for a new song I need to work with my creativity process. I need to explore a lot of different ideas and rhythms until choose the best option to record the song and as a project, I need to decide the best options with the other members of my team, in this case my band.

We spent a lot of time in studio creating and rehearsing but in the end of the gig the only thing that matters is to provide a good experience to people with our music.