NovoChat Inbox is the center of NovoChat omnichannel experience. Here is where incoming messages from all channels you have connected will be listed, distributed, managed and handled by you and your agents. This article will show you the different features of Inbox to power up your business.

Inbox View

In Inbox page, there are two main sections in the view:

  1. Conversation lists, where chats are grouped into categories and Inbox menus can be found
  2. Conversation window, which showcases the content and information of selected conversations, and conversation-handling features.

Inbox Tabs

The me tab shows a list of messages assigned to you, which are chats that you currently take or handle

The unassigned tab shows new chats coming into your workspace, but not being handled by anyone at the moment

The All tab shows the activity of all chats in your workspace, ordered from newest to oldest. You'll see whether there are new chats, resolved chats, on-going chats handled by other teammates, or assigned chats. Keep in mind that All tab will only show to an admin and manager. For users who are set as agents, they won't be able to see it.

Hidden Menus

There are hidden menus on Novochat Inbox, click three vertical dots to see