Moving is on a mission to make crypto simple and social for the next 100M investors.

⭐ What are we building?

We started to cut through the clutter & noise around crypto and bring order to this chaos. Make it easier for people to get actionable insights, look at what friends and experts are buying, and share insightful memos under one roof.

Moving is a new destination for crypto investors that amplifies the knowledge of the best investors, verified by actual track records for signal over noise. With moving, one gets best-in-class insights and actionable content to fuel their decision for crypto investing. Moving is not a brokerage, but a social layer on top of existing brokerages helping to create more engaged and informed investors.

Where technology fades away, and users are only left with delight and relate to it like never before. We're onto something special and are now opening gates for you to join us, in building the future of finance.


We strive to create a one of it's kind product with a team:

Developer Roles

Android Developer

Backend Developer (Platform)