Mouse Character Design (2020)


"Mouse" was a second iteration of a character update designed to better adapt to responsive interfaces. Built up of simple SVG shapes, the goal was to then bring "Mouse" to life with micro-interactions.

Animation Exploration:

This mascot was in dire need of an update for fresh representation in 2020. Minimal in formation yet widely expressive, "Mouse" was designed to live in a responsive educational platform in 2020.

"Mouse" is made up minimal vectors, which subsequently reduce anchor point data. It was important to begin with a simple SVG artwork for my first time animating in After Effects.

You can visit the Lottie files below (and download the .JSON files):

Error Lottie

Success Lottie

“…animation in design can only enhance user experience if it’s incorporated at the right time as well as the right place. Good UI animations have a purpose; they are meaningful, and functional. ” - Nick Babich

<aside> 🙂 The possibilities of animation are endless. They wow and delight us, and add to the overall experience. It’s important that the animations are designed with care and have a purpose within their UIs.

I look forward to deeper dive into motion and micro-interaction design in the future.


Whilst experimenting with After Effects and various tutorials, I was introduced to a plugin feature called 'Joysticks and Sliders', which helps give more realistic movements to the character.

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