I liken them to the modern-day stallion. We evolved on the plains of the Sahara and mastered wild beasts to further our adventurous spirit. Today, that same spirit is captured in two-wheels.

My journey with motorbikes began as a child. I was enamoured with the MotoGP and Formula One, often spending days at a time drawing motorcycles and race cars. Sadly, I no longer have those drawings, but I did follow my childhood passions and became a rider. The freedom and adrenaline that come every time one saddles up is unparalleled.

It really is the most fun you can have with pants on.

Tony’s Wheels of Fortune

Sorted from most recent to oldest.

2015 Ducati Scrambler 803 (Sofia III) - CURRENT


It’s evident I have a thing for blondes and Ducatis. The Scrambler ticked a lot of boxes. A small frame, big-engine machine that had enough reliability to not give me trouble, but enough soul to keep me entertained. It was either this or the new-at-the-time Monster 821, with it’s new liquid-cooled engine. I opted for the old-school air cooled one.

Most of the running gear has been swapped on this. Completely overhauled the cockpit with new risers and bars, grips, levers, mirrors, and relocated the speedo. Replaced the seat with a custom Mustang from the US. Fitted a race line Termignoni performance exhaust, relocated the number plate from the rear tyre to underseat as it should be. And most recently, a tasty set of panniers to carry more gear for some adventure touring.

For now, this is the ultimate bike for me. Unless something were to happen to her, I can’t see myself changing any time soon.

2010 BMW F800R (Eva)


The BMW was a sturdy machine. Had the reliability and dependability of a Japanese machine, but the size and fun I was looking for. The F800R is the road version of the GS, their cross-terrain tourer. The pedigree was great, but the engine was quite boring. It lacked character.

She met her end one night via self-combustion. Yes, that’s right, she went up in flames. No idea why or what happened. RACV and BMW just understood that sometimes BMW’s set themselves on fire. So she died and insurance paid out.

2008 Ducati Monster 696 (Sofia II)


Sofia II was a saucy lover. We went through a lot together, from being rear-ended, to sliding across tram tracks, to some cross-country travel action. This bike and I did things it was not built for. And it survived it all. Barely.

Sadly, she was stolen one night. Not surprised. She had a lot of valuable parts on her and was much sought after. Alas, she has never been found!

2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650R (Miyabi)