We are happy to invite the entire WoW family to join the Mother Earth Muses competition! Read the rules first then apply here : Mother Earth Muses application form COMPETITION CLOSED


Meet our photographers for Mother Earth Muses Competition!

Here are the winners of the Mother Earth Muses Competition!

Brackets for Mother Earth Muses Competition are out!

What is the Mother Earth Muses competition?

It is a competition where everyone will be able to submit their Mother Earth WoW NFT (meaning all human skin tones WoWs) for consideration to become a "muse" in real life and be professionally photographed while being rewarded and becoming a legendary figure of the WoW collection.

Why are we doing it?

We want to promote diversity and equity through this competition and give every mother earth (human) WoW NFT holder an equal and fair chance to benefit from it. This is also an opportunity to get creative and build unique backstories for WoW NFTs that so far have mostly been known for their visual traits. Mother Earth Muses will also allow us to support the art of Photography and international female photographers from the space, which we are very excited about. Lastly, we want to give this project as much visibility as possible on social media and potentially further, if the auctions get the attention of mainstream press.

What's in it for you?

This is going to be an opportunity for the majority of WoW NFT holders to make their WoW NFT shine and put have her under the spotlight. If your WoW NFT wins, you will be receiving 50% of the earnings from the Bust Portrait auction your WoW NFT was inspired by. Plus your WoW NFT inspired Creative Portrait will be helping a charity that is changing the lives of women and girls around the world.

This is also the ideal way for you to start a brand with or around your WoW NFT if you wish to do so