We're entering the 3rd phase of the Creator Economy where Creators will become their own businesses. Creators discovered they can now BE the brand, BE the product, and they could do for them what they were doing for others. Creators can now build a direct relationship with their 'fans' and create their own economy thanks to Social Tokens.

If you're a creator not familiar with crypto, but you would like to learn more about how it can help you, here's a good starting point.

Coinvise is the most trusted & simple to use platform for creating social tokens and building incentives around them.

First things first, what are Social Tokens, and why would I want to create mine?

Social Tokens are virtual currencies that live on a blockchain. Put simply, your Social Token will allow you to create an open economy around your project. Anyone will be able to participate in your projects with your $NAME Token. Just as you need to convert your USD in EUR when going to Europe, fans will need to convert their USD in the Creator's social tokens to get involved in its economy/project.

But why, as a creator, would you want to create a virtual currency (aka Social Token)?

By creating a Social Token, you'll gain ownership over your content and have an easier way to collaborate with your community. What Social Tokens allow you, in the end, is unlocking different experiences with your fans. You have control over the means and the production of your content throughout the process. You don't rely on platforms anymore. While, in Web2, creators needed to funnel people into their game (convincing people to follow them on YouTube, for example,) web3 allows new ways of collaboration to create a game and grow together. Instead of limiting the access (paywall in front of an article or a video), Web3 encourages collaboration and opens access to anyone wanting to build and share the upside. It's a complete paradigm shift. It's no more the Creator and its fan, but more a whole community driven by a leader around a common project.

In the end, it's all about community participation. For example, Forefront, the premier social token community creating and curating resources and spaces to help tokenized communities thrive, rewards its community by giving them bounties. As curating resources is not a small task, creating a Social Token to incentivize everyone to help makes sense. The Forefront's leaders have gathered a strong community and motivated their members to send daily great resources toward becoming ****the leading platform for insight across the social token community.

Every audience will turn into a community, and every fan will turn into a partner. With Social tokens, you'll have the power to incentivize anyone to help you achieve broader goals, meet new people and collaborate with others. You'll finally have a direct relationship with your fans and create new kinds of experiences instead of relying on centralized platforms that can potentially ban your content at any time.

Concretely, what could I do with my Token if I decide to create one?

Social tokens are best used when they scale or incentivize coordination and engagement between communities. Incentives are ideal when it's mutually beneficial to you and your community. You also have to understand that crypto and social tokens are still early, and we're only scratching the surface of what's possible. There are new experimentations with Social Tokens every week, and everyone's trying to push this space forward as we go.

Here are some use cases you could use your Social Token for :

These are examples of things you could do today if you mint (create) your Token, but we're always looking for new ways to push the boundaries, and we would be happy to help you with every creative idea you may have to use your Social Token.

Ok, that seems interesting. Now, what steps should I follow if I want to create my Social Token?