Hello! I'm Garin, an UI/UX Designer and Freelance Designer from Indonesia. Now, I am learning more about Product Design.


Portrait Self Photo

Having good design and communication skills makes visual design delivery and user experience conveyed in a perfect way. It helped the team to increase users in less than a year by more than 150%.

In addition to working on the digital product design of the company I work for, I also work on several projects independently for several MSMEs and some novice businessmen who want to improve their product designs better than before. I have been in the design world for approximately 6 years, including 2 years in the UI/UX Design field.

I am very enthusiastic when working on every design, reliable, responsible, able to lead a team, and work in a team or individually on my own initiative supported also with the ability to adapt and learn quickly.


Photo with Technology Department Team of Conecworld

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