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Our manifesto: book on the bright side

Online platforms are powerful tools that make our lives easier. It is where supply and demand meet. Where people shake hands digitally. The result: a win-win for all. That is how we believe it should be.

To shake hands, you need to be on the same level. Look each other in the eye and know that everything is ok. However, in the online hotel booking market, all stakeholders drifted apart. The outcome is an ever-growing lack of equivalence. And that is exactly what Moonback is putting a stop to.

We restore the balance and bring back the fun in booking a hotel. For everybody. And there you have it: win-win. Travellers are excited about their next trip, and hotels are able to focus on what they do best: hospitality.

We set a new standard for platforms, starting with hotel bookings. Transparency, respect, and an overall good feeling prevail. By doing so, we inspire other industries to do the same. Together we will redefine the platform economy.

We do things differently. Here’s how.

1. Everything is subject to change, except for our mission to set a new standard for online platforms.

Right from the very start our mission is anchored into the legal structure of our company; our DNA. A separate foundation is given veto rights to be able to prevent changes to this structure. Not exactly sexy, but an important step in the right direction. This way we can protect the company from any drastic structural changes or power monopolies to come.

2. Making money is allowed, but not at all costs.

We are entrepreneurs and we don’t deny that making money is a part of that. After all, any successful company needs a healthy cash flow. We believe taking entrepreneurial risks should be rewarded, but only at the established maximum return.

3. We separate profit rights and voting rights, and ensure our company cannot be acquired.

While establishing our company, we give out different types of shares, entitling investors to either profits or a say in company decisions. This way we can ensure all interests are represented by different shareholders. The business model we use is the steward-ownership model.

4. No stress! We believe in a positive user experience.