Wooclap’s Moodle plugin requires a version of Moodle v3.2 or more recent. This plugin has been tested with a MySQL and a PostgreSQL database.

The plugin sends API requests to It is therefore necessary to configure your firewall to allow requests to this server.

In order to use the Moodle plugin, you need Wooclap access keys. You can request them via this form.

Note about Wooclap access keys:

Moreover, when using the grade synchronisation, Wooclap sends requests to the Moodle instance. It is therefore necessary that the Moodle server is accessible from the exterior, and not on an isolated network.

1. Introduction

Wooclap integrates with Moodle as an activity which is added to the teacher’s list of available activities. It allows them to create a Wooclap event, along with all of its features, from within Moodle.

Students participate through the web, just as they have always done, and they will be identified through Moodle’s authentication (they will automatically be redirected to Moodle’s authentication page once they connect to the Wooclap link). Therefore, they do not need to create a Wooclap account.

Once the event is completed, a score (out of 100) and a degree of completion (incomplete, failed, or passed) will be sent to Moodle. This information can be found in the Grades section of the course and can also be used to provide conditional access to other activities (if that option is activated on Moodle).

Degree of completion is defined as follows

1.1 Data exchanged with Wooclap