Monitoring Industries using the power of Internet and automation.

Monitoring Industries Using IoT


The project aims to monitor the factories andgetting the information on your smartphone or other devices using IoT.


The project aims in monitoring the gases, temperature, humidity, noise, barometric pressure, etc. and report the information on your smartphone. And also tells about the harmful conditions for the workers.

According to the most recent fire statistics from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), an average of 37, 000 fires occur at industrial and manufacturing properties every year. These incidents result in 18 civilian deaths, 279 civilian injuries, and $1 billion in direct property damage. - So, if we can detect flammable gases and chances of where fires and accidents can occur the project can save damage to life and property.

GOAL - To Prevent such Loses


This project is to monitor any manufacturing plant remotely for temperature, motion, humidity and carbon dioxide etc. The project has uses Arduino Mega and ESP8266 and various sensors. With the use of IoT, this project will send you the data remotely to your E-mail /SMS about the current weather and concentration of gases in the plant. The program has also set the parameters and if the results are not within the parameters it will notify the results with warning so that immediate action will be taken to prevent the fire... It can also take pictures while sending notification<by the use of ArduCam>. With the use of motion sensor it will help to monitor unauthorized entry after the office hours as set in parameters. This project uses Blynk as server and app to view your data. I planned to use Arduino Cloud but it is not available for ESP8266. This project will also expanded for monitoring the Health of each employees working in the plant by measuring their BP and heart rate with a future wearable device in the safety jacket...


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