The project helps to look after landfills, where all of our garbage generally goes.

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The waste from our houses and from various factories are dumped in the form of those massive landfills. Most of that waste is not recycled and much may be organic. This organic compounds on decomposing and then combining with inorganic waste from factories make harmful gases like all the volatile organic compounds (VOC), along with Methane, CO2, Ammonia, Sulfides, disulfides, mercaptans etc. Plastics also burn to release Benzene and toluene which are VOCs. All of this gases are harmful to nature and humans. Most of this gases have the concentration increased very rapidly and are harmful to the people. These gases (like CH4) catch on fire causing more pollution. According to a report by, the H2S Gas from landfills causes lung cancer and other gases cause other diseases like Bronchitis also. This makes it unhealthy to live near landfills with a layer of polluted air over the vast area. And moreover, it is very difficult to monitor the vast areas. The current sensors are very bulky and need to be replaced with small and independent interconnected devices.

1 / 3 • Most Landfills have lot of sand particles and more Origanic waste


The simple solution is to monitor this vast landfills and then report the data to authorities. Based on various concentration levels that particular area can be cleaned. Also, if the levels are too high then the citizens can be warned. To monitor this vast areas the solution is to create many interconnected nodes that communicate to a central server where all the data is saved and managed. Also if there is fire, the temperature and CO2 contents rise rapidly so we can have a fire fighting team to extinguish it and not let more of waste to burn and cause pollution.

So, We have Rapid IOT Prototyping Kit that has many sensors and a Raspberry Pi that can communicate with Rapid IOT via BLE and get the data. This data can be stored and help the authorities to see the periodic changes and also warn the people. But, it is must to keep the gateways secured as if the data is changed then it can be a big problem.

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