Podcasts are the most important medium in media.

When we consider the state of media today, it appears to be a runaway train propelled by rocket fuel, heading towards the end of the earth, and pulling western culture with it. This might be a slight understatement.

With insane problems comes the opportunity to dream even crazier solutions.

We are approaching an opportunity to fundamentally alter how we monetize media.

Podcasts, because they require a small team, are self hosted, and seem to be antifragile in nature represent the path to realign the product, customer, consumer relationship in media.

Our vision starts simple. We are an agency that lives in the old world. We represent podcasters, not brands, but podcasters. Podcasters who wish to utilize the current system to create sustainable businesses, partner with brands that they love, and stay as protected as possible from the influence of advertisers.

Next, we will leverage technology to eat the middlemen (us) and ensure that podcasters retain as much of their value as possible. This is the non-hollywood model.

Then we will build the platform that will incentivize sincerity over sensationalism and change the world forever.

Easy right?

The journey is undoubtedly insane, but it is one of a few core problems that must be solved if there is A Critical Path forward for consciousness.

Follow our journey here.