<aside> ⚠️ This shouldn't be confused with our Minecraft Modpack Manager or Plugin Manager. The aforementioned systems are fully automated, and you don't need to add modpacks or plugins to them manually.


The "mod manager" will run a bash script provided to it. This allows you to do something simple like downloading and unpacking an archive into the server directory, or something more advanced like pulling the latest version of a mod from GitHub, or mounting a shared directory for content in games like Garry's Mod. Below are some example use cases, but you can do pretty much anything you might need to with a little bash.

The install script is responsible for downloading files and making necessary changes, while the uninstall script would revert all the changes.

Mod Manager can be found on the Admin Panel , under 1) Service Management → 2) Mods.


Downloading and extracting an archive

mkdir -p /mnt/server/garrysmod/addons;cd /mnt/server/garrysmod/addons
rm -r some_folder_name
wget <https://some.website/file.zip>
unzip file.zip -d some_folder_name

Installing a mod from GitHub

Installing DarkRP from GitHub to the gamemodes folder:

mkdir -p /mnt/server/garrysmod/gamemodes;cd /mnt/server/garrysmod/gamemodes
rm -r darkrp
git clone <https://github.com/FPtje/DarkRP.git> darkrp

Creating a file and then writing to it

You can do pretty much anything with bash, this even includes writing your own files!

cd /mnt/server/garrysmod/addons/my_epic_addon
echo "print('hello world')
print('we can even new line')
if(using_wisp == true) then
return cool
return not_cool
end" > file.lua

Downloading Oxide/uMod plugins

You can get the direct download link by right-clicking on the Download button and copying the url.

# Working directory for the script
cd oxide/plugins

#Downloads the current Discord Report Version.
curl "<https://umod.org/plugins/DiscordReport.cs>" -o DiscordReport.cs

Downloading Sourcemod/Metamod