What's up everybody! (Damn, this is already taken by Icedcool)

Alright everybody, time to write a letter to Santa.

As promised, we are posting some feature candidates for the community to vote on. Since the list of ideas is longer than what we can possibly chew in one season, letting all of us govern the roadmap for the product we all own and are going to use every day in our lives is the right thing to do.

These polls will help us gauge the interest in particular features and overall possible directions for the app, hopefully get some fresh ideas and polish the existing ones, and ultimately prioritize our Season 3 scope items, making sure our resources are invested wisely.

I would also note that we should think about this not only as a tool we use ourselves, but as a potential revenue-generating asset and a market advantage that most other decentralized organizations (if any) don't have in their arsenal.. and prioritize accordingly.

Unlike the Season 2 scope features, most of these feature candidates exist as a result of discussions we've been having with different guilds and project teams. This is already much better than just having me coming up with stuff, now let's make it super-solid by voting and offering different perspectives.

Please feel free to add more ideas in the comments if you feel inspired and/or seeing something obviously valuable missing. I'll add it to the post and we'll re-iterate.


Proposed Feature Candidates

Multi-language UI + International Content

One of the best value opportunities we've identified is to make all the translated content organized in Content Gateway - each language under its own directory - and then have Mobile App switch between languages seamlessly based on the user's smartphone settings, thus giving mobile users around the planet first-class native language access to everything Bankless! International Media Nodes also fit into the picture perfectly. This is one of my personal favourites.

More Education Guild Content

We started with Bankless Academy as a big splash to make on the education side of the mobile experience. Now we're in talks with contributors interested in expanding Education Guild's outreach by utilizing Content Gateway as delivery platform, and having Mobile App as user experience platform.