Miti Inteligência is a Marketing & Advertising company with monitoring and analysis of media. I led the website redesign and the development aiming to increase the number of leads captured and consequently the number of new clients.

Main responsibilities

・UX & UI design

・User research

・User interview

・HTML CSS Development


The challenge

The main challenges for this project were to make visitors understand all the services the company provides prioritizing the content (IA), turn visitors into leads and change the visual identity to something more modern and inspiring.


After a deep dive in the business interviewing stakeholders to better understand what were the problems they are facing with the old website and also I talked with customer service agents trying to empathize with their clients and understand their pain points and what they are looking for when they are visiting the company website or calling to the CS team.

User Interview

During the CS team interview, I had discovered that most of the people did not fully understand all the services provided by the company. And many of them also did not know how to sign in a particular service or plan. Through Google Analytics, I discovered that the bounce rate of the home page was very high and the time spent on the site was low, which reaffirmed the responses of the interviews.

Competitors analysis

Doing research on competitor's websites I discovered that the content was succinct and more concise. In most cases, the services were explained in short phrases and followed by a call to action for the free trial sign up. The sign up for is not very extensive, which helps to make the experience not too overwhelming with too many questions in the first step.

Normally a newsletter registration form is displayed on all pages, what could help to transform visitors in leads, later on, sending them news ebooks and content about the service.