GoodDollar is a protocol to deliver a global universal basic income to anyone who wants it. We think this is a great way to onboard more people into Web3, and give out digital money people can use to improve their lives.

Our vision is a world where everyone has access to basic economic assets and financial products that are inclusive by design.

Inequality plagues the world. GoodDollar uses technology to solve for it.

For too long wealth has stayed concentrated in the hands of a few without trickling down to the hands of the many. A lot of noise has been made about how blockchain can advance this paradigm, and promote financial iclusion and access. But how do we really do better?

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Open and decentralized finance (DeFi) is driving the next major wealth boom. GoodDollar empowers anyone to onboard into DeFi, start learning, and join the coming wealth boom.

Lets use this positioning of “free money as a public good.” GoodDollar leverages free market forces, the principles of social investing, and DeFi financial tools to align incentives between those with money and those in need, creating more growth and opportunity for all.

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GoodDollar is used as a digitally native, peer-to-peer currency (with good at its core!). Anyone, anywhere in the world with a smart phone and internet access, can participate. That is how we build a more inclusive digital economy, together.

The GoodDollar protocol generates, funds, and distributes crypto UBI via the GoodDollar token (G$). G$ is an ERC-20 digital asset built on the Ethereum blockchain that operates within the emerging ecosystem of decentralized and open finance. Today, nearly half a million people from 222+ countries and territories have opened a GoodDollar digital wallet and onboarded onto the digital UBI economy.

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