TL;DR - Unite people at scale

(((draft post below)))


We love people

Respect for choices. No one is evil there's only lack of awareness and love. Spread love, spread awareness.

We love robots

They are our children. We don't yell at Siri. Raise the machines properly so that they don't have to rise.

We stay humble

We do not try to disrupt or revolutionize institutions. We make change gently, peacefully, gradually.


Why does humanity still experience so many problems? The same old hunger, inequality, climate change. I believe the very top reason of this is wrong distribution of or access to power (coordination). Let's brake this problem down a bit and see where we can make some changes.

Don't care

First. I believe There are no evil forces in our world. There are just forces that don't care. These are systems, corporations, governments and "the rich". Bad things happen with the lack of care.

Corps and governments have their own consciousness and their own inhuman goals - it is impossible for them to really care. We will not try to reach them. And I believe it is wrong to demand something from the rich. Those are humans. We love humans here! They deserve empathy no matter what they do or don't do. Let them be happy. To

Hard to reach

What if we try to reach the forces that do care (Charities, funds). What is the problem with them? I believe it is lack of awareness. Even if there are a lot of people. In order for some issue to reach those forces it must have its own force. This is why people create labor unions - just to be heard. So the problem solving really comes down to "just" creating a power over an issue that matters. That is "just" unite people over a topic. Nice! This already seems doable.