Talent Protocol is the decentralised network to mint, store and exchange personal tokens that represent real careers (called Talent Tokens), powered by its native governance token, $TAL.

🧭 Mission

Background still matters more than merit. As a result, we’re missing out on a lot of talented people who couldn’t go through a proper education or who didn't grow up in the right place.

Our mission is to empower undervalued talent by giving any growth-oriented individual the ability to launch a personal token, raise funds and build a community of committed supporters.

We will make it simple for all kinds of talented people - not just crypto experts and internet celebrities - to create and grow a personal economy based on their career.

🔭 Vision

We see a web3 world where talent can have full control over their careers. A world in which opportunity is equally distributed, the economic system is more inclusive and technology acts as a facilitator of a true meritocracy.

The 1st era of the web was about how we interact with information. Google won this era. The 2nd era was about how we interact with each other, giving us Facebook. The 3rd era is about how we interact and exchange value.

Everything will eventually be tokenized, and everyone will become an investor. Instead of just following someone on Instagram or Twitter, we’ll also buy their personal tokens to become economically invested in their success.

⚖️ Values

As a blockchain project, Talent Protocol is rooted in the belief that openness and transparency are better for the world. We’re committed to sharing our challenges, network developments, and accomplishments in public.

Open for business community

Fully open-source and building in public.

Community is our main KPI. Becoming a DAO is our ambition.