🧭 Mission

Empower people to leverage their personal health data to optimize health and human performance.

🔭 Vision

We envision a world where precision nutrition enables optimal health.

⚖️ Values

Our values are the way we run our business. They are the lens through which we evaluate our decisions so that we stay true to our vision of building the future of health - a future that is consumer-centric, data-driven, and connected.

1. Human First

Humanity is at the center of all that we do - in our products, in how we build, and in the relationships we create with our teams and communities. We connect and create with empathy, meeting people where they are and taking the time to understand and share needs, frustrations, and goals. We understand that each person is unique and we build products, content, and communities that celebrate and support uniqueness, where everyone belongs and thrives.

2. One Team of Unique Individuals

We are one team, and each person is important; each has the opportunity and the obligation to make a difference. We encourage each member of the team, regardless of rank, to dissent if s/he disagrees with a prevailing decision. We respect and encourage people, and we embrace the diversity of our unique perspectives. We each have a significant role to play, but we don’t win in silos. We learn from and support each other to be our collective best.

3. Data-driven and Evidenced-based

We believe in the power of informed decision making. Each team member is eager to continually measure the tangible results of their work and gain insight through data and research. We revere the scientific method, but develop novel approaches when the data or existing methods no longer serve the question at hand. Breakthroughs occur at the intersection of data, existing research, and curiosity. What

4. Innovative + Innately curious

Innovation is at our core. We using cutting-edge science and technology to pave the way for a better data-driven future. We embed innovation and creative thinking into everything we do. We never stop learning and are constantly curious. We encourage each other to solve problems in unique ways and create innovative solutions for the people we serve. We are open and always prepared to change our opinion.

5. Efficiency + Progress Over Perfection (mostly)

Every moment matters when building the future of health. We act quickly and intentionally, with an informed basis for decisions. Efficiency is a core skill and value. We default to doing, not waiting. The time it takes to make a decision should be directly correlated to how easy it is to reverse and the potential impact on the end user. The last 10% usually takes 90% of the time but it doesn’t have 90% of the impact. The constant exception is that we strive for perfection where it counts the most: quality in product, sourcing, and testing.

6. Aim Higher

Good enough isn’t good enough—we want to be the best. We are bravely curious and optimistic about our ideas for the future, and exploration is in our DNA. We act with courage, challenge the status quo, take risks, and discover new solutions. We execute with excellence. We endeavor to apply the brightest minds and the best available technology to each and every new challenge. We do not cut corners, and we do not settle.

7. Solution-Focused

We solve problems and confront obstacles head on. For each problem we raise, we bring three ideas for how to solve it and those ideas come from a combination of data, experience, and intuition.