Mission Statement

The mission is written here once the below information is fleshed out..

The Exec's show mission is to create business oriented content that inspires teamwork, content that allows us to grow together as leaders, educate each-other, communicate on a deeper, more transparent, and honest level.



I believe that people who work together want to know and feel like they belong. I believe in transparency, and honesty. I believe in the power of community and the strength of teamwork.


Find common-ground between our team and our audience. Be communicative and provide transparency to everyone. Educate and inspire my community to be the best leaders they can be.


My vision for the future is where our audience and team can come together to be effective in providing joy into the world through our creations.


Points of Relevance (At Least 3)

Value Proposed:

The value this show provides is transparency from a perspective they rarely see, education on relevant topics, and team bonding.