<aside> 📌 More about my mission on this podcast


I believe that human potential is infinite.

And we're trying to master the process of manifesting thoughts into physical realities.

Today more than ever, humans have the power to leverage technology and enable previously unimaginable outcomes. I'm committed to helping humans get the best out of these powers.

I love building teams and technology enabled companies that lead positive disruption.

I'm currently Co-Founder & CEO at ION Energy on a professional mission to "Accelerate the Earth's transition to an All-Electric future".

In the past, I've led Product & Growth @ Haptik ($100M acq by Jio), built a startup while living in SFO and another one while I was still in college. Unfortunately, neither of those took off (read 2 failed ventures), but I learnt a lot in the process.

I've helped build multiple startups from $0 to the first $1M in revenue and worked across 3 continents. This has taught me about the value of integrity in early-stage teams and helped me encounter first hand most of the challenges in getting tech companies off the ground.

Difficult Co-Founders, Visa issues, Raising your first cheque, Shutting down a company without investors whiplash, etc to name a few.

<aside> 🥵 I've been (halfway) around the block, so I know how difficult being an entrepreneur can be in the 21st century. Starting is easier than ever. Winning (or surviving long enough to have a shot) is tougher than it's ever been.


When I'm not in my CEO's shoes, I love ideating with early-stage founders, helping them build GTM strategies, design business models, and advising on company culture.