Miro is a virtual whiteboarding and "sticky note" tool which we use heavily to collaborate, both during synchronous workshops and meetings, and when working asynchronously.

🤷‍♀️ What do we use Miro for?

👉 Basic Features

The videos below are an introduction to Miro's basic features. You can find many more resources on their Youtube Channel.

The Basics


Navigating in Miro


Collaborating on Miro


Organizing Content


🚀 Pro Tips


Miro can integrate with other tools, like ‣ or ‣ to help you collaborate better.

Click on the three dots in the side menu to get access to additional apps or plugins.

If you don't see the plugin you are looking for, you can click on "Get more apps" to see if it's available.

Miro app library

Miro app library

See all installed apps and add more from the “More tools section”

See all installed apps and add more from the “More tools section”

Use the Miro voting app

Miro has some amazing native plugins to help you run your sessions. One of them gives you the option to initiate a vote for the items on your board.