Not known: Miragon is a portmanteau of the words ‘Miramax’ (the Producer of Top Gun) and ‘Aragon’. Also ‘Mira’ is Spanish for ‘Look’.

The problem:

The dTech Guild recently launched revamped Documentation on Aragon products:

What we found however is that many users like to watch video docs instead of reading documentation.

The solution:

We want to serve these users with Short (max 5 min), Sexy, Snappy video docs to attract even a wider base of users to Aragon.

Check out our first Video: ‘How to create a DAO on Polygon in just 5 min!’ (created in awesome Collab with @Adri García and @Lia Savillo).

And our first Video-gif: ‘How to install Metamask wallet in 1 minute’ (great work from @Adri García on this!)


The service:

We produce Short, Sexy, Snappy (3S) Videos or Video-Gifs ready within 1 week from the date of request.